Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Last Week...

Last Week definitely was a very interesting week. I had a good time for the most part but there was a little bump in the week that pissed me off. The weekend started with an interesting exchange. I had to get an oil change in my car so I got that done at the Walmart in Washington Court House, OH. As I left, a guy I had knew but never met had walked in... looked me in the eye... rolled his eyes and kept on about his marry way. I thought to myself "oh... fuck you too, hell" and kept on trucking towards my car, lol. After that, I drove back up to Columbus, got my hair braided and got me a few hours of sleep before I left to head to a birthday party.
 Roadtrip to Washington, PA
Back in late May, my friend Michael S., invited me to his partners birthday party out in Washington, Pennsylvania. I love taking road trips in my car so I was quick to agree to come. Well the road trip there was an interesting one. I was told it was going to be a pool party. I had to get me some swimming trunks from Meijer which ended up being too small... I almost thought I was going to have to cut myself out of them... It rained it's ass off the whole way from Columbus to Washington, PA. There were a couple times that I almost lost control of my car because I drove through these huge puddles of water that I didn't see in the middle of the interstate. Fortunately once the rain had began, I slowed my speed so I was able to keep control of the Impala... barely. I made it there safely though.
Michael C's birthday party
Before getting to the party, I was told that it people were going to be skinny dipping. It still took me by surprise when I got there and all I saw was ass, boobs and penis'. Did I get naked? Hell no! It was hard enough for me to take my shirt off, let alone taking off my swimming trunks. Besides, I didn't want to put anyone to shame (Yeah, I said it, lol). Even though there was one minor incident between two people, I had a really good time. I met some really cool people and it was nice to hang out with Mike S. and Mikey C. By the way, there were FOUR Michaels at this damn party... I think that must be a popular name out there?
The rest of that weekend
I left Washington, PA on Saturday afternoon and my intention was to head back to Columbus. Somewhere along the line, I talked to my friend, Adam B., which ended up altering my plans. Talking about wasting gas, I drove from Washington, PA to Zanesville, OH to Norwalk, OH. It was cool though... I got to hang out with one of my good friends. We really didn't do much. I got there and we went and rode around Sandusky, OH for a little bit then went back to his apartment and watched some show in VH1. I spent the night there and left for Columbus on Sunday morning. Somewhere along the line, I think the humidity that we had that week got into my phone and screwed it up... It didn't start functioning correctly until Sunday.
Anywho, I got back to Columbus and found out that another one of my good friends, Deontavious D., was in town. Deontavious is from the Atlanta area but he is a truck driver as well. I went and picked him up from his truck and we went down to the Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest that was going on Downtown Columbus. It was so hot down there. My intentions were to tear up some ribs but the heat got the best of me. I think we spent about 30 minutes down there and then left.
Funny thing about the way back to the car...
As we were walking back to the car, we were approached by this guy who does a thing called "Bike Cab". This is a thing that they usually do in the Short North of Columbus but they had them downtown at the rib fest. Anyway, he asked us if we wanted a ride back to my car... I asked him how much does it cost... He said "$5" and I was like "cool". Now listen, I am not a skinny person by FAR... This man had to climb this hill with me and Deontavious in the cab and I thought he was going to have a heart attack, LOL. People were driving by laughing... shouting stuff at him. I felt so bad that I ended up giving him $20.
The Work Week
Last week was a pretty good one EXCEPT FOR THE LAST DAY... I was getting good miles throughtout the week but ended up losing my last load of the week because of a problem with the truck. So the fuel  bays here in Washington Court House were not working. They had us go out to Pilot's to fuel... which wasn't an issue for me because I fuel at Pilot's anyway. I get to the Pilot in Nitro, West Virginia and fuel, clean my windshield and get me a bite to eat. Come back out to head to my first stop. Go to release my brakes and they wouldn't release. "Oh Shit" I thought to myself. This happened at 11:40 PM on Thursday night. I call Schneider Emergency Maintenance (SEM) at 11:45 PM. They tell me that I have a bad brake chamber and they would send someone out to fix it. I tell them that I am in a fuel bay with a loaded trailer so please hurry. They tell me okay. I go inside and let the Pilot know what is going on and they say that's okay. 12:30 am on Friday comes and I'm still waiting on a call from SEM to give me an ETA on when whoever they called to service my truck will be there. Finally 12:40 am, I decided to call them. They then tell me that they called the TA Roadside Assistance out of Hurricane, West Virginia (which is only 7 miles from the Pilot) and they had given then a 2 hour eta, putting them at the Pilot around 1:50 am. 1:50 am comes and goes. I call SEM back at 2:15 am and try to find out whats going on. They call me back about 30 minutes later and tell me that they went with someone else because the TA had given them another 2 1/2 hour eta. I called my home office and let them know what was going on and they let me know that they had a driver in my area that could relay my load. I was a little upset because that meant I was losing out on a ton of miles but it was out of my control what was going on.

The driver arrives to the truck around 3:30 am. I was able to drag my truck from under the trailer and get moved far enough to where he was able to get out of the fuel bay safely. I pull over to the side of the Pilot around 3:40 am and about 15 minutes later, I see a redneck looking person in this busted ass van driving around the Pilot. I though to myself  "is this SERIOUSLY the service that SEM sent??" ...and it was. This man was so redneck and country. Anywho, he did a quick inspection to see if it were the brake chamber and it turned out that it wasn't. It was the air compressor valve that had went bad. He then said "I can tell you right now that you are going to be here for a little while." I asked him, "how long is a little while?" He said probably until around 9 or 10 am. FUCK! I had taken all of my stuff out of my truck the day before because I typically do that the day prior to me going home so I don't have to do it on my Friday. He then went and took the air compressor valve off and said he would be back in a few hours with the new one. Now who would have guessed that the air compressor ALSO controls the air conditioning in my truck... It instantly because an oven in that damn truck. I got NO sleep whatsoever. 9:45 am, he finally shows back up... but this time, he has his girl friend with him who is just as redneck as him. I don't know what made her think I was such a friendly person because she would not shut the hell up! I didn't want to be rude and tell her to be quiet, even though I was in that kind of mood. 10:30 am, he got the truck fixed for me and I got back to Washington Court House around 1:00 pm for the same problem to happen. I dragged that truck right to that shop and said... "the trucks broken... fix it... I'm leaving" and walked away.

So yeah, that was my adventurous time last week, lol.

Until next time

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