Thursday, August 4, 2011

Training Engineer

In early September, I am expecting a promotion. I should become one of new Schneider-Washington Court House training engineers... Which is basically our title for in cab driver trainers. I have been definitely prepping myself for this new experience. The thought of dealing with new drivers can be challenging. Different backgrounds... Different attitudes... Different learning capabilities. This should be interesting but I'm up to the challenge! I'm actually excited because it's something new and I'm moving up in the company. I don't plan on driving trucks my entire life but I will stay with Schneider National (forever) if advancement is a real opportunity.

So I'm going to have to come up with a few ground rules. Here are a few right off the top of my head:

A stinky student makes for an unhappy irritated trainer. I will make time for students to shower daily so utilize the time.

No smoking in the truck. My lungs will thank you.

You will more than likely get upset with me but just know that I'm here to help you succeed. That sometimes means tough love is needed. Just get through it and learn from it.

I'm a very goofy sarcastic funny likable person but we all have our moody days. If I am moody, I will do my very best to not take it out on you (the student) but if you feel I'm out of line, please let me know.

Those are the rules I've came up with that are outside of the Schneider rules. I'll probably come up with a couple more as time goes along. I'll probably blog about a couple of my students as well... Interesting weeks ahead folks. Well I'm going to bed now...

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