Friday, June 29, 2012

Letter to COTA Union TWU Local 208 and COTA Management

Transport  Workers  Union,  Local  208
(Central Ohio Transit Authority AKA COTA)

I am a supporter of Union's that have good leadership. However, I really believe your leadership is boneheaded. After reading what COTA has offered you, there is absolutely no reason there should be a strike. If you go on strike. I do not ride the bus nor have I in years but I know that if your leadership goes through with this, you run the risk of putting thousands of people out of work. We are still economically challenged as a community and striking does nothing but make it worse. What COTA management has offered is not that bad. Pay increases included! All they ask is that you pay a little more towards your retirement... 1% more! As a taxpayer, I do not see that as a bad thing. I'll be damned if I go to the polls and vote for another tax increase if you guys can't compromise and sacrifice just like the rest of us Central Ohioans. I am outraged that the TWU Local 208 would go this route! You are willing to cripple THOUSANDS of people who depend on the bus services for your own pocket. Many of these people had to sacrifice and it's time you do the same. Stop toying with the livelihood of Central Ohioans. This makes me regret voting down SB5. Realize that you doing this is ultimately going cause COTA to put another bill on the ballet. Once it does not pass and people start getting laid off, I hope COTA management starts with the leadership of the Union.

TO COTA Management

I hope you do not cave into the unions demands. I've had to sacrifice. It's time for them to sacrifice. What you are  offering is a great package. There is no reason for them not to accept and hang thousand of people in their game. It's so absurd. COTA Management... Keep fighting for central Ohioans. If the i'll advised union decides to strike, most of us will understand that it is not COTA managements fault. Thank You for your time.

James Garrett
Concerned Tax Payer

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